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Emerging Exposures

As exposures evolve and new risks arise, our dedicated team of underwriters, account executives and claims experts share their knowledge in a variety of ways including in-depth articles, blogs and presentations.

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This three-part series – in collaboration with NAMIC – examines inflation and its impact on insurers.

With some signs suggesting that inflationary pressures have somewhat stabilized, it’s instructive to examine what’s been driving them since 2020. Social inflation has added increased pressure on the industry in recent years, and further adding to the industry’s woes is inflation.

Biometric Information Privacy – Statutes, Claims and Litigation [Update]
The use of biometric information is growing by leaps and bounds. Read about verdicts, settlements and court decisions related to Illinois’ Biometric Privacy Act. While other states continue to consider privacy legislation, we recommended some insurer actions.
Glenn Frankel
Inflation – What’s Next for the Insurance Industry and the Policyholders it Serves?
To varying degrees, inflation poses a continuing threat to the insurance industry. Yet, multiple indicators suggest the industry remains robust, steady, and safe. While certain lines of business are under stress, none are currently impaired. Read more about inflation's impact on the industry.
Timothy Fletcher
Secondary Peril Events Are Becoming “Primary.” How Should the Insurance Industry Respond?
Public attention is usually focused on catastrophes such as tropical storms and hurricanes, but more recently, smaller to mid-sized events – “secondary perils” – such as a severe convective storm, or floods and storm surge, seem more frequent. Learn more including some underwriting takeaways.
Timothy Fletcher
Social Media – An Addiction Now Being Treated in the Courtroom
There have been no court-approved settlements or jury verdicts in U.S. social media lawsuits as of last month. However, there were 429 social media lawsuits pending in the Northern District of California, with plaintiffs alleging emotional and physical harms. Read more about the increase in claims.
Cardine Zalenski

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