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Gen Re Consulting is the consulting unit for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We make our services, products, and expertise available to all market participants, independent of Gen Re’s cedant circle.



Our consulting activities focus on actuarial topics of Property & Casualty insurance, with a focus on standardized (private or small business) business. In recent years, we have been able to establish ourselves as the leading advisory body for Motor insurance on the German insurance market.

In addition, we offer extensive expertise for Private Property and Liability sectors. We develop practical solutions that can be implemented in the market, not theoretical strategy papers.

Portfolio Analyses

We evaluate an existing database using the following methods:

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Risk Segmentation

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Data pooling

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Customer loyalty and customer value models 

Product Development

Product Development

Planning to introduce a new tariff? We support you with analyses, studies and their compilation in reports. In close collaboration with you, we translate the results into a forward-looking tariff structure. 

In doing so, we take into account:

  • Your target group
  • The development of appropriate tariff characteristics
  • A risk-commensurate calculation
  • Adequate cost-sharing approaches
  • The preparation of profitability analyses and premium comparisons

Software Tools

With our software components, you can easily carry out all steps of product development – from portfolio analysis to tariff development and tariff implementation. We also use the software for all actuarial analyses.

The RateMaker component supports you in the development of individual tariff approaches, and in the comprehensive controlling of the insurance business. 

The ProMotor component, which has now been fully integrated into RateMaker, reveals the impact of new tariff approaches on your future portfolio, and meets all requirements for professional profit testing at various levels.

KRisk allows the central implementation and maintenance of tariffs with easy-to-configure  tariff structures.

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