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I love partnering with leaders and organizations passionate about building inclusive, healthy, high-performance cultures where teams believe in their mission and feel inspired to contribute to organizational results. 

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Improve performance by assessing organizational culture and developing new strategies.


Build emotional intelligence through enhanced self-awareness and self-management.

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Improve team performance by closing gaps in communication, conflict management, and collaboration skills.

What My Clients Think

  • Testimonial One

    Dr. Celia possesses the unique ability to think strategically, tactically lead teams, develop innovative solutions and produce lasting results. Her strength in organizational development was the key factor leading my Logistics organization in delivering “world class” results for our customers, the company and the industry. She is an expert in developing trust-based relationships in diverse teams, ranging from executive sponsorship to front line execution, the resulting accomplishments are levels of breakthrough performance never previously conceived possible. Celia’s personal values, integrity and approach to the business are exactly what you’d want in every leader on your team.

    – Gene Zvolensky
    Former VP of Logistics, Tropicana Products
    (a subsidiary of Fortune 100 PepsiCo)

  • Testimonial Two

    Dr. Celia is a conscientious, detail-oriented organizational consultant, who provided exceptional service to me and my company during a period of significant organizational change. Celia listened attentively and then provided a mix of literature-based solutions as well as real-world experiences to help me, and my company counterparts, frame positive, solution-oriented action plans.

    – Frank Cina
    Former Director of Program Management and QA
    Northrop Grumman Corporation

Lessons in Leadership: Mindful Meetings

Lessons in Leadership: Mindful Meetings

How much time do you spend in meetings? How many times do you attend meetings to discuss the previous meeting? How often do meeting leaders need to re-review items that were covered in the pre-reading or the minutes because no one read them before the meeting?

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Recovering from Setbacks by Practicing Mindful Leadership

Recovering from Setbacks by Practicing Mindful Leadership

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” – Japanese Proverb

How often do you experience challenges in work and life? Do you ever feel disappointed about outcomes that didn’t go the way you expected? How quickly do you recover from setbacks?

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is neither a title nor a position. Leadership is a mindset and a way of being in the world. It is a privilege not a right.

- Dr. Celia

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